Happy Gurpurab

Today is Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 552nd  birthday and today most of all is a good time to remind ourselves of the revered master’s teachings. He spoke of one God, universal brotherhood, love, humility, simplicity, equality and tolerance. 

He further saw only two kinds of people: Gurmukh, the God-oriented and Manmukh, the self-oriented. A Gurmukh devotes himself to God and practises truth and works for the welfare of humankind. A Manmukh follows his own thinking and practises falsehood and selfishness.

Guru Nanak Ji also gave us the following three pillars of Sikhism: Naam japna, Kirat karni and Vand chakhna.

Naam japna is to recite and repeat the name of God. 

Kirat karni is earning one’s livelihood with honest labour. 

Vand chakhna is the principle of ‘sharing is caring’. 

Let’s celebrate the great guru’s birthday in the name of God. 

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