IPL 2021 – 2 games done and we predict the top 4

Yes 9th day of IPL 21 today and we bring the top 4 contenders (short article) or rather who we think are going to make the playoffs. We have had some exciting cricket already (with quite a few 200+ scores) so logically have an idea of the strengths and weaknesses already.


Clearly not got into their groove yet however with bowlers like Bumrah and Boult (have won them 2 of 3 matches already), its just a matter of time before the batsmen turn up and then. It would be really exciting (they could be unbeatable then). 


Yes 1 of 2 victories and with Iyer missing the middle order looks shaky, however with bowlers in form (Ashwin to add to the kitty) and if they play Smith wisely then well they are a tough team to beat. Its just about clicking and gaining momentum. 


Surprised ? We aren’t. Getting Maxi for huge money was a great decision and he has scored already so many runs this season that he is a definite excellent buy. Imagine VK is yet to hit form and they are on top of the table. Yes bowling has turned up as well and that was always their issue. So clearly MI should watch out for them. 


No specific reason except that Raina is back and this is MSD’s last season so well they should be in the top 4. 

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