Know your sports person – Luis Suarez!

Today we are writing about Luis Suarez – a 34 year old striker who plays for Uruguay (country) and Atletico Madrid (Spanish La Liga League). 

Suárez lived his early years at the Cerro neighbourhood in a little known district Salto, in Uruguay where he played youth football at Sportivo Artigas and here again, he belonged to a poor family and therefore spent his time just playing. Since he was a prodigy (in a way), at age seven, he moved with his family (parents and six brothers) to Montevideo, where he played youth football at Urreta. When he was a kid, a car ran over his foot, breaking the fifth metatarsal bone. However, in spite of the injury, he continued to play showing his determination and his love for the game.

Other things which he was infamous was his temperament on the pitch so incidents like (at age 16) head butting a referee after showing his discontent following a red card and being was caught drinking and partying led many to believe that he was probably not serious for long term commitment to the game and that early fame was going to be bad for him (he wouldn’t be able to handle it). This is where someone with experience and who can give direction always helps. So this prompted his coach to threaten he would never play unless he started playing football more seriously. And that he did. 

From thereon the story has been great, he was 19 years old when he joined his first club – Groningen. Initially, Suárez struggled because he could not speak Dutch or English, and he played on the second team to adjust to the Dutch game. He worked hard to learn Dutch and his teammates respected him for his efforts with the language. Suárez scored goals for Groningen, but his disciplinary problems continued – in one five-game stretch in January 2007, he scored four goals but received three yellow and 1 red card. 

Post that move, Suarez has played for clubs like Ajax, Liverpool, Barcelona and now plays for Atletico Madrid (almost joined Ronaldo’s Juve instead). He is a star striker who has scored more than 500 goals in his tumultuous yet starry career. 

This is a story about you have to focus on the goal = love of the game in his case and how we have to control everything around us to ensure that we perform to 100% of our potential. 

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