We are SAFE and SECURE!

A leading online platform today informed that it is updating its child safety policies and is testing new tools to prevent users from sharing content that can harm children. The new policy is going to be implemented in phases – this includes removing profiles, pages, groups and accounts that are dedicated to sharing images of children in an inappropriate way. They are using Google’s Content Safety API. Guess what – we at BirdsnBats have been doing that since inception ! We have been around for more than 1 year and have the following security and safety features like: We use AI to filter each word that is typed on the app (and we don’t have manual eye balling that does it) – its all Machine Learning and AI. We use a proprietary software to ensure that there is no untoward foto or video which gets uploaded on the app – this has been (and is) tested rigorously. So when we say we are safe and secure we really mean it as we know the risks in the online space for our kids and are quite serious at mitigating it.

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