Faithful companions

Dogs are a man’s best friend. They are the most faithful, loving & loyal companions. A dog is attuned to a human’s nature and cares for their owners and fellow dogs more than anything. Dogs are extremely aware of their surroundings. They are kept as household pets, used to help the military, used for hunting etc. They have an extremely sharp sense of hearing and because of that, dogs are used to help the police and the army. They can sense whenever there’s a problem.  

Dogs are extremely adorable & are admired by many humans! Many are also frightened by dogs, when dogs bark or come closer to them. They have a very playful & outgoing nature. Unfortunately, dogs cannot speak. Many times, when dogs bark, they are responding to our behaviour towards them, mostly in a positive way. Dogs also bark when they sense something fishy or when a stranger comes close to them. Barking is a natural behaviour of dogs. 

There are many breeds of dogs, often dogs have different kind of behaviour depending upon their breed. Some dogs may be more active, whereas, some dogs may not be so active. A dog also needs food & nutrition in order to stay healthy. One human year is equal to seven dog years I.e. that when a dog is one years old, it is seven years old in human age. Dogs have varying life expectancy as well, but their life expectancy depends upon their breed.  

Dogs species’ have been originated from a particular type of wolf, they are said to belong from the wolf family. Dogs are domesticated animals, however, wolves are not, so it is said that the common wolf ancestor of dogs is the Gray wolf. But the oldest ancestor of dogs is said to be extinct. Many dog breeds have come from other dog breeds as well. There is a difference in dog breeds, as some are mixed-breeds whereas, some are pure-breeds.  

Dogs are a gift to mankind and are indeed true & loyal companions. Just like a child, a puppy also needs to be taken care of with love. When we share our love with dogs, they share more love with us.  

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