Bayern Munich are Champions of Europe!

Yes they did it! They beat everyone handsomely and while the final was scratchy (by their and PSG’s standards) they did come out on top. Bayern Munich are the champions of Europe. 

While it takes a lot for any team to plan and then execute to the plan what makes this victory sweeter is that they almost had complete monopoly. Look at their scores. 

Won 10-3 vs tottenham

Won 9-0 vs red star

Won 7-1 vs Chelsea 

Won 5-2 vs Olympiacos

Won 8-2 vs Barcelona

Won 3-0 vs Lyon 

Complete annihilation of the clubs is another way of putting up isn’t it 🙂

Btw there are clubs like Tottenham, Chelsea and Barcelona in that (with all due respect to the others) and these are not your local locality clubs. 

The final though was scratchy and it was probably nerves which are expected. Having said that their MF kept getting the ball and PSG kept losing the game in that section. Mbappe and Neymar didn’t get much of the ball and that’s always not good. The game kept begging for 1 goal and whoever would have scored it would have got the edge. Mbappe missed a sitter in the 44th min and if that had happened you never know the outcome would have been different. 

However it wasn’t to be PSG’s first ever champions league and instead it was Bayern’s 6th win of all time. 


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