The Scientific Explanation of the purity of GANGA JAL.

The basic scientific explanation for all the mystic characteristics of Ganga Jal is that the bacteria which cause water-borne diseases, other bacteria which putrefy water stored in containers and still other types of bacteria in running water which cause pollution – all these bacteria thrive in the absence of oxygen in water. This Dissolved Oxygen(DO) should be above a certain level for deactivating all these bacteria. In Ganga Jal the amount of Dissolved Oxygen never falls below a certain level so that these bacteria are not allowed to thrive in Ganga water. Also Prof. Devendra Bhargava has found that Ganga water has an extraordinary high DO recovery rate,i.e., if DO starts getting low, it immediately jumps up to a safe value and the bacteria are eliminated. 

Although, the high DO content in Ganga Jal eliminates most of the harmful bacteria, scientists believe that the local people who have consumed Ganga Jal from their childhood, develop immunity from most pathogens which carry water-borne diseases.

Today, the real Ganga Stream which is called “Neel Dhara” exists only between its origin at Gaumukh, the Himalayan and Haridwar- the distance being about 150 km. At Haridwar all pure waters of Ganga are diverted into the famous Ganga Canal. as a result Ganga after Haridwar does not carry the snowmelts from the Himalayan glacier. In this stretch of 150 km, it is found that a volatile material from the adjoining soils gets mixed up with Ganga waters. This material provides a disinfecting property to Ganga Jal and enables it to recoup its DO quickly. The presence of this volatile material was also confirmed by Hankin who has written that Ganga Jal loses its disinfecting property when boiled because this volatile material is expelled by boiling. However, some material through groundwater is still available below Haridwar.

With these explanations, our belief of regarding Ganga Jal as Amrit certainly holds good.

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