EPL Top 4 – The race to the finish line

Finally its almost the end of the season which was almost scrapped when Covid 19 hit Europe! Its got a new lease of life and with that the fortunes of some of the clubs has also changed. 

Leicester who was 2nd for almost 5-6 months now don’t look like to be in the top 4 also. How luck can change. Their recent form has been awful and they aren’t getting enough goals and not winning against other top 5 teams. 

Chelsea also faltered a bit and while they beat Man City (giving Liverpool the title the same day) only 1 point separates them from Manu and Leicester. They however should stay in the top 4 given the easy run of matches they have. Oh wait they are playing Liverpool so that makes it even more interesting. 

And so, Manu seem to have benefited and barring Southampton draw (they scored an equaliser in the last minute of the match) they have won everything. They have 2 matches left and 1 of them is against Leicester so basically who wins it will be in the top 4 – simple. 

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