Be Scientific#Develop Spirit Of Enquiry#Our 8th Fundamental duty.

To Develop scientific temper and spirit of Enquiry is our 8th Fundamental Duty:

For a country like ours, which has traditions and thinking for the last thousands of years, certain ideas have seeped deeply into some minds like to mystify every physical phenomenon. If it is the origin of Ganga, some people are not satisfied with the scientific fact that its source is the melting of a glacier called Gangotri. Some people must bring it from heaven over the head of Bagirath. If the rain falls through the nucleation of moisture particles that precipitate, it doesn’t suit the ignorant. Some people allude it to Indra Devta and his mercy. We even appease him through Yagnas when monsoon fails due to meteorological factors….and so on !!

Emphasis should be made to get over bias for deeply instituted myths, which get complicatedly entangled with religious beliefs, we cannot make scientific progress in the field of physical sciences, which is the need of the hour. Our duty number 8 makes it abundantly clear to develop scientific temper and spirit of enquiry.

A word about the “spirit of enquiry”

It means we have to question every phenomenon that we see which affects our lives. By questioning and finding causes we can convert the destructive elements of Nature into something good for humanity. The rivers, which caused floods and brought untold misery to people living around them, were harnessed by human beings through their ingenuity by building sophisticated Dams. This not only controlled floods but also gave us hydropower and water for irrigated agriculture.

The scientific exploration of space and satellites have brought revolution in the fields of communication and information. We have gathered very useful data regarding our planet. The globe has been made very small. We can communicate and connect with the help of our pocket phone ie mobile from anywhere to anywhere to everywhere with the flick of a switch.

It has all been made possible by developing scientific temper and the spirit of enquiry. We all should abide by this duty whole-heartedly and without reservations.

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