Be Happy#Happiness depends on ourselves.

When Happiness knocks at my door!!

( Part 1)

Happiness: knock, knock!!

Me: whose there?

Happiness: Me…Happiness….

Me: There is nothing like happiness…you got to be kidding me…

Happiness: Please let me enter, I will show you how happiness is magical and infectious.

Me: Oh God!! You are such a pile on …enter…

Happiness: Hi! What a nice day!!May I have some water…

Me: ok, I will just get for you.

Happiness: You are happiness too.

Me: Oh stop this gyaan . There is no happiness in the world. The world is a dark place.

Happiness: You are certainly mistaken. Thank God for everything you have from the sun to the moon to the trees to the books and the list goes on and on……Just pen down seven things in your life which gives you joy. It can be as simple as your favorite game which you like to play or the food you relish or the book you like to read, the friend who is always there……

Me: Aha! Ok will try…what next….?

Happiness: To stay positive and calm, physical activity is important too. Just go for a walk daily or play your favorite sport rather than sit and sulk….it will contribute to your good health and uplift your mood…

Me: Yup…anything else you want to tell…

Happiness: I certainly want to share a lot with you, now that I am with the beautiful you. My pal, always be assertive not aggressive. Ask what you want and say what you think. Being assertive helps to improve your self esteem. Being left and remaining silent creates sadness and hopelessness.

Me: Oh please…I have a lot of pending work…..I am not a great student either….

Happiness: Your scores will improve if you are willing to take my advise. Set a time-table and stick to it. Dont procrastinate your work. You seem to be very intelligent. You are meant to succeed if you work regularly. Quite simple.

Me: Followed!! But this alone will not make me happy..

Happiness: That’s not the only thing meant for you. You have a colorful personality and I can see that. Why don’t you increase your social integration and interaction with good pals. You may also post pictures of your wonderful pals on Foto Compartir chapter of BirdnBats to capture many beautiful and joyous moments of your life which you shall cherish for the rest of your life. Friends Forever!!

Me: Now that’s what I call a good tip!! Let me create a nice album on birdsnbats for my rocking pals, “Friends meant to be..” Thx! Can you come again tomorrow seem to be very cool and kind.

Happiness: You are most welcome ! I will be back to give you some more gyaaan…its all good for you and I am your true pal. Good bye and see ya soon on lets be aware page of BirdsnBats.

When Happiness knocks at my door

(part -2)

Happiness: knock-knock!

Me: Whose there?

Happiness: Hey, it’s me HAPPINESS, remember I visited you a few days back and we had a great conversation.

Me: Oh Ya….Please come in, My pleasure!

Happiness: Glad to see you. So, how are you doing today?

Me: So far so good!!

Happiness: Good to see you smiling.

Me: Thanks! How about you?

Happiness: You’re welcome! I am as infectious as always. So did you create an album on BirdsnBats to capture the beautiful moments of your life.

Me: Oh yes! It was fun and I shared with many pals. They say, when you share your happiness it doubles.

Happiness: Of course. As I just said, I am infectioussssss……

Me: Right now, you are funny…hahaha…….

Happiness: let me let you know, when we greet and be nice to others, happiness multiplies infinitely!!

Me: I do get you now..Thx pal!

Happiness: Why are you slouching? Take care of your posture, my pal. Walk straight with your shoulders slightly backwards and the front view helps to maintain a good mood.

Me: You mean like this.

Happiness: Wow! I see the positive you. Love it!

Me: Me too. Loving the happiness in my life.

Happiness: What did you have for breakfast before going to school ? I mean at 7 am.

Me: Nothing….

Happiness: na na na…..don’t do this. You must have a healthy breakfast. It will bring more joy and you will stay healthy. What you eat certainly impacts your mood and health. Do not skip meals.. eat lightly every 3 to 4 hours. Have a balanced diet. Do have protein X in your milk. A rich protein diet will help you to gain height too.

Me: I will and I want to be tall and smart. I am exercising too. By the way I have been swimming daily like a shark!

Happiness: No wonder, you are looking happier, taller and smarter!!

Me: Thx Pal!

Happiness: You are looking great, smart and fit. I love the color of your shirt. It’s a nice electric blue. See when you look good you feel good!! Simple.

Me: Thx again!

Happiness: You’re welcome! Most importantly always believe in God and Thank God for everything. With God nothing is impossible.

Me: True. Lets play together!

Happiness: Sure. Thank You God for Everything !!Amen.

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